Monarchy and Anarchy

Monarchy–the rule of One.  Anarchy–the rule of none.  Those peoples that are unwilling and/or unprepared to rule themselves in accordance with natural law will be ruled by the few who are both very willing and fully prepared to do so. Advertisements

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Belief & Truth

What is the relationship between belief and truth?  Belief may be a necessary starting point in the search for, or experience of Truth, but at some point belief must be augmented with or replaced by direct experience.  A quote may serve to express this:  “Belief is irrelevant to Truth which exists independently and eternally beyond […]

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Grand Delusion

Welcome to the Grand illusion Come on in and see what’s happening Pay the price, get your tickets for the show The stage is set, the band starts playing Suddenly your heart is pounding Wishing secretly you were a star. But don’t be fooled by the radio The TV or the magazines They show you […]

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Since I began this blog I have been waiting for people to show concern for what is happening on this planet and become inspired to express themselves by sharing their ideas and asking questions.  So far the response is less than inspirational for me.  So maybe I have been looking/hoping for inspiration in the wrong […]

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What’s the Point?

Not sure!  My reason for starting this blog was to create a safe haven for people of like mind to share their thoughts about what is really happening on this planet.  I know that there are probably many other such sites on the WWW, but this is the only one made by me.  I want […]

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