What’s the Point?

Not sure!  My reason for starting this blog was to create a safe haven for people of like mind to share their thoughts about what is really happening on this planet.  I know that there are probably many other such sites on the WWW, but this is the only one made by me.  I want to do something to help spread the word about our mutual enslavement and how to end, and I have the ability to write, so I’m writing.  But I really don’t want it to be JUST me writing.  I would like to know what other people are thinking.

So far I have had only one person write something (Ivan from Phoenix).  There have been visitors but no other comments or posts.  I don’t know what the reason is.   Is this site boring?  Or do people just not like it for some reason that they won’t even share?  Is there really that much fear of retribution or ridicule out it in the world?  Or is it just a lack of care?  I will put out a friendly and heart-felt challenge out there:  someone please tell what you think about this site, good or bad.  That would be better than nothing!

This site has been up for several months, and there hasn’t been much in the way of encouraging activity.  I considered shutting it down due to lack of interest, but then something happened.  I had a power failure, and my server went down, and when it came back up, critical files were corrupted and I couldn’t access the site!  So as the site was down and inaccessible I struggled with deciding if I should try to get it back up or just let it RIP!  After much gnashing of teeth, I finally decided that the only ways to get it going would be either rebuild from scratch or restore my system to an earlier state.  I chose to send my computer back in time to when it was working.  If only we could do that ourselves!  We could REALLY screw up this world but GOOD!

Well now it is back up and working well.  I will fully backup everything from now on!  But the BIG QUESTION I still have for my fellow humanity is:  WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL THIS IF NO ONE IS GOING TO PARTICIPATE?  Should I just keep on keeping on even if no one cares enough to share? Or should I just forget about it?  Only I can answer this question.  Only time will tell! Peace and love to ALL!



2 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. Thank you for your intention of doing something good in the world. Do other people need to participate for it to be a success ? You have still done it, whatever others might or might not think.


    1. Well, yes I think other people do need to participate because there is strength in numbers and the more people we have sharing an elevated consciousness, the more able we are to help lift up others, and so on. We are in this world together as one people despite the artificial divisions imposed by the limited thinking of lower consciousness. Low-level consciousness sees nothing but separation and conflict. High-level consciousness sees oneness and unity. Fear dominates the lower, and love dominates the higher. It is impossible to love all humankind from the lower, but from the higher, love is the only possibility because it is the true reality. Thanks for your reply Phil, hope to see you here again!


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