Belief & Truth

What is the relationship between belief and truth?  Belief may be a necessary starting point in the search for, or experience of Truth, but at some point belief must be augmented with or replaced by direct experience.  A quote may serve to express this:  “Belief is irrelevant to Truth which exists independently and eternally beyond the mind.”  –anonymous

Without the personal, direct experience of Truth, belief may eventually induce a sense of incompleteness and doubt which can lead to a questioning of the very beliefs that started one on a particular path.  This personal, direct experience is what the Greeks referred to as gnosis.  This knowledge is what Gnostics seek, and this is the path I will be on until I “know” the Truth!


2 thoughts on “Belief & Truth

  1. What about truth and belief when it comes to religion? What if what the Three Good Books (the Bible, Quran, and Torah) are in fact a truth, but are seen as a belief? I think it’d be interesting to go further into what a true truth is and what a false belief is. I also think that it’ll be interesting to bring this up next meeting when we talk about “I think, there for I am”.


  2. Truth is interwoven into the very fabric of the cosmos, and we have been attempting to unravel it since the dawn of humanoid intellection. Books of all religious and philosophical traditions embody the struggle of mankind to know and understand Truth. This Truth is concealed (occulted) deep within the symbolic languages (e. g. Runic, Hebraic or Sanskritic) which originate from universal archetypes embedded deep within the humanoid psyche.


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